The On-line Journal of Mary Esther Malloy

Water Meditation

When you first wake up, take a deep breath. And then a drink of bedside water and notice.

Notice the temperature of the glass in your hand. The feel of the glass. Notice for a moment the water itself and the water going into your mouth. The feel of the water. It’s warmth or coolness. It’s wetness. Swallowing the water, how is the water received by your body?

Take a moment to remember. This very water you have taken into your body has been on the planet for 3.5 billion years. This very water has been snow in the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Andes. This very water has traveled the world as clouds of all shapes, this water has been rain, it has moved in rivers and oceans. This very water has sustained countless forms of life and will again sustain countless forms of life. This very water will sustain you today.

This is my practice most mornings.

With gratitude.

Water, Agua, Vand, Ruwa, Mazdi, Mmiri, Hudor, Ap, Mul, Jal, Seui, Tubig, Eau, Wasser, Paani, Acqua, Naam plao, Vatten, Dui…