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Listen 1, 2, & 3

In order to build stronger relationships with our children and stay emotionally healthy ourselves, we explore Hand-in-Hand parenting tools such as Special Time, Setting Limits, and Play Listening. Now that these kids are toddlers (and older!), we also compassionately investigate moments of high-charge parenting, considering ways in which the past (how we were parented) might be impacting our own parenting in the wonderful, wild fray of present-day family life. 

What’s New? –  In the Fall of 2022, we are excited to expand our toddler moms program to include Mindfulness Labs with the amazing meditation instructor Jackie Stewart. You can join these labs live online or view the recordings at a later time. See description below.

Which Class? Listen 1? Listen 2? or Listen 3?– Select one of the following. Your cohort will meet for four 2-hr evening sessions between Oct and Jan. And there’s more!

  • Listen 1 – If you are NEW to our Toddler & Up Moms Groups, this is our foundational class. Your cohort will read Patty Wipfler’s book Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Parenting Challenges, and experiment with the rich approach she discussed in her book. Includes Listening Partnerships, additional optional daytime check-ins, and Mindfulness Labs with Jackie Stewart (descriptions below). Facilitated by Mary Esther Malloy, MA and Aisha Williams, PhD.
  • Listen 2 – If you previously completed Listen 1 or Listen 2, this is your jam! Aisha and I are eager to see you again. This round we explore our parenting tools in the soul-restoring context of doable, compassion-based mindfulness practices for parents. Please note that the Mindfulness Lab sessions with Jackie Stewart are an integral part of this course (description below). And, yes, Listening Partners and optional daytime check-ins. Facilitated by Mary Esther Malloy, MA and Aisha Williams, PhD.
  • Listen 3 – Formerly known as the “Opposite of Worry” group, let’s build on the years we’ve logged and relationships we’ve built. The time has come for us to turn our attention in an organized way to the benefits of a compassionate approach to mindful parenting. Mindfulness Labs with Jackie Stewart are in addition to our regular meetings and can be attended live or watched later. Book title for this term coming soon. Listening Partnership and optional daytime check-ins. With Mary Esther Malloy, MA and Sarah Manton-Hollis

What are Listening Partnerships? We set up phone-based listening partnerships to extend the love and support between meetings. The deep listening we offer each other helps us build reserves for the demanding work of loving our kids through the ups and downs of their childhoods, setting limits, helping them with fears, and responding skillfully to our children’s big emotions.

Mindfulness Lab: R.A.I.N – A Compassionate Approach to Mindful Parenting. Tools for when you feel overwhelmed and under-resourced as a parent. With Jackie Stewart.  In the Fall of 2022, we are excited to build our capacity to cope moment-to-moment as parents, especially when we feel worn down or overly reactive to what is happening in the present. Mindfulness teacher Jackie Stewart will facilitate 4 1-hr evenings where she offers teachings and guided practices organized around the acronym R.A.I.N. Jackie is an extraordinary teacher and we know you will benefit immensely from this addition to our program. We hope you will attend these 4 sessions live online, but it will be possible to listen to recordings at your convenience.

Why Listen Lab: R.A.I.N? Parenting is hard emotional and physical work and mindfulness is a powerful and practical resource for everyday parenting challenges. How can we listen to our kids with kind patience when we are tapped out? How can we set limits with warmth when we are overwhelmed? How can we find the attention for special time when we are exhausted? We are thrilled Jackie Stewart will take us through steps to re-center and offer kindness to ourselves, even in the midst of our hardest moments as parents. This lab is also being offered as a stand-alone course.

  • Fee includes
    • 4 2-hr course sessions over 4 months
    • 4 1-hr Mindfulness Labs (join live online or watch recording later)
    • 3 optional lunch hour daytime check ins
    • Participation in Fall Mindful Birth NY Parenting Clinics
    • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  If you register before Sept 20, the fee is $265. Thereafter, the fee is $295

To register, fill out the form below and pay the class fee. Let us know if you will join Listen 1, Listen 2, or Listen 3. (If you would like to only participate in Listen Lab: R.A.I.N. as a stand-alone course, please return to Parent Classes and register through that page. Thank you!)

After you register, fill out the intake form that will arrive with the confirmation email. Please note that due to demand for these classes, the registration fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, we can credit your fee towards another Mindful Birth NY program. Email if you have questions.

Yes. We are still Live Online because it is working well for busy parents. Still as intimate as ever. Still as community-rich.

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