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Toddler & Up Moms Program

Mindful Mamas On-going Core Parenting Group – for our beloved returners! — FULL! (Please email if you are a returning mom who knows she must be back with the gang!)

This fall our theme is Building Resilience for ourselves, our partnerships and our children. Includes a one-on-one coaching session with M.E. You are invited to join The Relationship Lab and of course Mothering in Color or White Parents Taking on Racism. For parents returning to our program. Looking forward to building on the years we’ve logged and relationships we’ve built!

Please note, registration is through email for this group:

  • Spring 2024 Outline
    • Session one: Special Time: Practicing presence.
    • Session two: Staylistening: When the emergency switch gets thrown– Love for the survival brain and her antics.
    • Session three: Setting Limits: Role power – being the calming alpha horse 
    • Session four: Play: Rupture and repair with love, listening and play.
  • Program Components 
    • Evening Groups with Mary Esther Malloy meet from 7:45 to 9:30pm. 1 x month 
    • Optional but highly recommended:
      • Lunch hour Check-ins meet from 12:00 to 1:00. 1 x month, with M.E. and Dr. Aisha Williams
      • Listening Partners meet on your schedule 1 x week, with another mom in the program
      • One-on-One Coaching Session with Mary Esther Malloy
      • The Relationship Lab, Imago Couples Dialogue for Parents meets 1 x month. Optional but highly recommended, with Imago Couples Therapist Baw Wolovsky and her husband Dave Wolovsky.
    • Fee: $295.
    • Registration for this group is via email, not the website.  Email and we will get you registered.

More about these parenting groups

What are Listening Partnerships? We set up phone-based listening partnerships to extend the love and support between meetings. The deep listening we offer each other helps us build reserves for the demanding work of loving our kids through the ups and downs of their childhoods, setting limits, helping them with fears, and responding skillfully to our children’s big emotions.

The Relationship Lab, with Baw and Dave Wolovsky. Being parents means building a more resilient partnership. What if you could use moments of conflict to get closer to your partner and even help your relationship grow? Is this the kind of partnership you would want for your children some day? Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to grow up with parents who are affectionate and resilient together. Put this idea to the test in our Relationship Lab, 4 1-hour work sessions with Imago Dialogue, a communication practice with the potential to positively affect your family for years to come. Single Parents Most Welcome to the Lab! Please note that Imago Dialogue is a practice to use with any relationship. 

Yes. We are staying Live Online because it is working well for busy parents. Still as intimate as ever. Still as community-rich.

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