Mindfulness Lab: R.A.I.N. - A Compassionate Approach to Mindful Parenting

Tools for when you feel OVERwhelmed and UNDER resourced as a parent.

With meditation teacher Jackie Stewart. Four one-hour sessions, live online.

We are excited to offer a new program for parents and parents-to-be. The wonderful Mindfulness teacher Jackie Stewart (a beloved member of our parenting community) will facilitate four 1-hr evenings of teachings and guided practices organized around the acronym R.A.I.N., with a special compassion-based approach for parents. Jackie is a gifted teacher and we know you will benefit immensely from this course. We hope you will attend these 4 sessions live online, but it will be possible to listen to recordings at your convenience.

Why Mindfulness Lab: R.A.I.N? Parenting is hard emotional and physical work and mindfulness is a powerful and practical resource for everyday parenting challenges. How can we listen to our kids with kind patience when we are tapped out? How can we set limits with warmth when we are overwhelmed? How can we find the attention for special time when we are exhausted? We are thrilled Jackie Stewart will take us through steps to re-center and offer kindness to ourselves, even in the midst of our hardest moments as parents.

Jackie Stewart is a meditation teacher and mindfulness advisor based in NYC. She can be found teaching meditation and training teacher trainees at MNDFL, online with Alo Moves, and on your smart device through the Journey LIVE app. She is also a faculty member of Dharma Moon’s Yearlong Buddhist Studies Program. She is currently a student of Mingyur Rinpoch, and serves as a practice leader in his international community, Tergar.

Jackie has an MA from NYU’s school of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and has taught for companies like Microsoft, Reebok, Live Nation, Ralph Lauren, and many others. She is a mother and wife, and has found the practice of meditation an invaluable tool to parenting (and partnering) with awareness and compassion.

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