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A back-to-work-friendly course for mamas with babies in their first year, and those transitioning to toddlerhood. With Mary Esther Malloy and Kristin Lawless, author of Formerly Known as FoodFEEDing older babies, the SLEEP and POOP parts of life, baby-led learning, your relationship, mindful parenting. And lots of LOVE from a community of amazing mamas.

To register, fill out the form below and pay the class fee. Then be on the lookout for our confirmation email which contains an intake form. Please contact us if you have further questions or are interested in financial aid options:, or 347.276.2819

For moms with babies approximately 3 months to 15 months, as you start this course.

Please note: we are flex on the baby age specs, but want to emphasize that this course is designed as a follow-up to the New Moms Talk Group. It is highly recommended to join that group first, but not absolutely necessary if your baby has aged out of The New Moms Talk Group.

Feed, Sleep, Poop, Love Topics, with Pre-Recorded Content for Each Session

Fee: $384 for 8 sessions.

The Relationship Lab: Everyone registering for Feed, Sleep, Poop, Love is welcome to join The Relationship Lab: Imago Couples Dialogue for Parents. Please let us know if you would like to join at and we will get you the welcome letter.

  • Week 1.  Matresence: The physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mom. 
  • Week 2.  Introducing Solids: The First Year(s)
  • Week 3.  Building Your Child’s Microbiota and Supporting Immunity
  • Week 4.  Relationship Change and Parenthood. The beautiful postpartum body, sex, listening practices for staying connected and nourishing a healthy relationship.
  • Week 5.  Sleep – What’s normal, and how does everyone get the rest they need? Making Change when Change Needs to Happen: Supporting our babies and children through their big emotions 
  • Week 6.  Poop – Baby-led Pottying. Why wait?
  • Week 7.  Everyday Items to be Thoughtful About: Plastic and toxins in our food supply? Sunblock for babies and toddlers? Alternatives to Tylenol? 
  • Week 8.  Food as Medicine for the Family in the First Years: Immune Health, Broths, Fermented Foods, Fats for Babies and Toddlers, Avoiding picky eating.


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