Doula Care with Mary Esther Malloy, MA

Offering sensitive, aware labor support since 2003

Mary Esther Malloy is one of NYC’s most experienced doulas, having supported over 500 families at home and in most NYC-metro hospitals and birth centers.

Extensive research has shown the many positive aspects of having a doula as part of your birth team, including fewer medical interventions, greater birth satisfaction and a stronger start to breastfeeding. If you are considering a doula, contact Mary Esther for additional information.

Offering sensitive, aware labor support since 2003

Proven Benefits of Doula Care

  • 28% Reduction in cesareans
  • Fewer forceps and vacuum births
  • Less use of epidurals
  • Shorter labors
  • Higher APGAR scores for babies
  • Increased breastfeeding rates
  • Improved satisfaction and feelings about the birth

Photo Gallery, photos by Mary Esther Malloy. With thanks to the families willing to share such intimate moments!

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What an amazing experience! We feel blessed that we had your presence and help throughout. If you ever need a testimonial, you’ll get a powerful one from us. You are not just a doula – you are a game changer!

- Abbas

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